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  • Director General – Gulshan Kumar .(ICSI) International Chamber of Service Industry
  • Director Airport Authority – Mohali.
  • Medical Director Fortis, Mohali.
  • Public Relation Director CMC, Ludhiana.
  • Director Cleopatra – Chain Health Wellness.
  • Secretary SEPC.
  • Acldl. Chief Secretary Vimii Mahajan.
  • CEO Invest Punjab.
  • Executive Director, Avneet Kaur.
  • President Ayurveda Council.
  • Director Holy Heart Hospital Dr. H.S. Pannu.
  • Dr. Navneet Chitkara (NASA) Main Surgeon.
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Press Note: TVR case

Holy Heart Hospital and super-speciality centre reports over 110 procedures that have been successfully done since its inception 5 months ago. The Over- all success rate in all the procedures at the institute has been 99.3 percent with highest ethical standards. 
The credit of this remarkable achievement in such a short time span is attributed to o the round the clock presence of senior most cardiac and critical care specialists ( team of 6 consultants ),medical officers and  Highly trained and attentive staff nurses .
A wide variety of cardiac and non cardiac procedures that have been performed at the 5 month old centre are as follows -
Procedures include heart attack treatment procedures like

  • Emergency and elective Angioplasty during or after heart attack
  • Bypass surgeries.
  • Single and multiple valve replacement and repair procedures,
  • repair of aneurysms of blood vessels
  • limb bypass surgeries.
  • Closure of hole in heart

Other procedures include

  • pacemaker implanataion of filter devices in the heart and great blood vessels for clot formation in leg veins.  
  • High risk general and orthopaedic surgeries for complicated and high risk heart disease patients have been carried out with 100 percent success rate


A patient who was operated for the highest risk Euro-score of over 50 percent one year ago by Dr HS Pannu was presented to be in a hale and heart condition by the Heart Surgeon in a press meet. She was suffering from chronic Rheumatic multiple Valvular Heart Disease( of 3 out of 4 heart valves).

This patient was refused surgery at several centres and had presented in a situation known as Cardiac Cachexia before operation. She was unable to lie down straight due to severe breathlessness,  swelling due to fluid collection in her abdomen liver and both legs on account of  failed heart,.  Due to previous cardiac surgery 25 years ago she carried an unacceptable risk of 40 -50 percent as her heart occupied nearly 80 percent of her chest compressing the lungs.


She underwent an operation lasting 13 hours utilising advanced techniques to preserve the diseased heart valves and muscles.   She underwent replacement of all three heart valves with artificial metallic prosthesis. Her recovery was complete in 14 days. She remains on follow up and leads a healthy lifestyle and is able to carry out most chores as a house wife and sleeps comfortably with maintenece medications for her valves and heart in a normally functional state. This is rarest of the rare feats ever reported in India with a follow-up of well being in one year. Only about a dozen hospitals have reported the rare feat of this kind of complex Tripple valve replacment procedure in the history of Medicine.