International Patients

Holy Heart Hospital provides world-class medical treatment.

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Why should you choose Holy Heart Hospital?

Holy Heart Hospital compare more than favorably with American or European Hospitals.
• Most of the doctors / surgeons at Holy Heart Hospital have trained or worked for significant amount of time in some of the best medical institutions.
• Top of the line medical / diagnostic equipment is available at Holy Heart Hospital from globalized international conglomerates like GE, Toshiba etc. Same technology / medical equipment / computer diagnostic / imaging equipment is available as in Hospitals in New York, London or Sydney.
• Highest Quality medical and nursing care for a fraction of the cost in the US or UK. High quality medications are available in India at a fraction of European or American prices.
• Even the most 'cost sensitive' traveler can afford first rate service and luxury amenities. Air-conditioned Private rooms are equipped with Colour TV, Attached wash room, Sofa cum bed for the companion, Room food service, Laundry service etc.

* Prices subject to change due to currency fluctuations or other external cost factors