Plastic Surgery

The department is specialized for both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. Round the clock facio maxillary hand and limb trauma services are available.

Medical Theme Health and Care

Congenital anomalies correction

• Face cleft surgeries both primary and secondary cleft deformities.
• Vascular and other pigmented anomalies on the face.
• Other anomalies like microtia ( ear ) etc.
• Hand – Simple anomalies polydactyl syndactyl as well as complex anomalies.
• Hypospadias.

Medical Theme Health and Care


• Soft tissue and skeletal injuries of the face
• Compound limb injuries requiring flap cover
• Hand Injuries
• Post traumatic deformity correction
• Scar revision
• PBC (Post Burn Contractures)
• Post traumatic hand deformilities
• Correction of radial , Ulnar and Median nerve palsy
• Facial palsy

Medical Theme Health and Care

Micro Surgery

• Microsurgical repair of nerves and vessels in trauma.
• Free tissue transfer ( Free flap ) for post oncology reconstruction as well as post traumatic defects ( Grade 3 B injuries).
• Recanalisation

Medical Theme Health and Care


• Chronic raw areas
• Diabetic foot
• Filariasis